Was your Wikipedia Page Deleted?

Chances are that you failed to adhere to one of the thousands of guidelines that govern the creation of Wikipedia pages. We have created more than 60 company and biography entries on Wikipedia. We don't play games.

We won't waste your time explaining to you why you need a Wikipedia page. If you're on this website: you are educated enough to know the importance of your reputation, credibility and being able to control your public image.

References and Notability

The main criteria to get listed on Wikipedia is notability. Specifically, sources and references. With our analysis, industry connections, experience and know-how, we can help you meet these requirements.

Wikipedia's rules are complex, vague and often contradictory; the editorial discussions require a lot of skill and familiarity.

This is precisely why it's critical that you shouldn't leave anything to chance or error when it comes to your Wikipedia page. But once you're on there- people start to take you a lot more seriously. The following video is an excerpt from the TV show "Mr. Robot" which demonstrates this in action:


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What We Will & Will Not Do

We will help you establish and compile the notability and references necessary for a page as per Wikipedia's guidelines.

We will write the entire page for you (in an encyclopedic tone and coded to Wiki syntax)- but you will still retain full control. You must approve the final draft before we publish the live page. We will work with you to get it right- exactly as you want it.

We will create an information box (on the upper-right fold of your Wikipedia page) which showcases your logo*, photo*, and/or key information about the article.

We will add a link to your website from the Wikipedia article.

We will not attack a Wikipedia page of your competitor or anyone else. That is between you and them.

We will not take on your project unless we are absolutely sure that we can publish your page.

*Logo and Picture upload subject to prior agreement.
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"Frequently Asked Questions"

What do you charge to create a Wikipedia page?

This depends on several factors. Most importantly, the amount of notability (press coverage, awards etc.) that you already have. The higher your existing notability, the lesser work we have to do- and the lower our fees. Whether your page was previously deleted, the length of the article, whether you want a portrait or logo included in it are also factors. We are an all inclusive service. Cost can range anywhere from $300 to $5,000. However, we're able to publish most Wikipedia pages within the $500 to $800 range.

What if the page is removed?

This has never happened in our 7+ years of editing Wikipedia. We constantly stay on top of the ever-changing rules of Wikipedia, and most importantly: strive to contribute useful content which can't justifiably be deleted. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and life-time re-publushing guarantee if your page is ever deleted.

Can I choose what appears on the page?

Absolutely, yes. We will send you previews of drafts, and only publish the live page after you are fully satisfied with the contents of the final draft.

Do you offer revisions after the page is live?

Yes. Minor revisions are free. Major overhauls of the page will be billed at very reasonable rates.

Do you offer links from Wikipedia? (For SEO purposes)

Yes. These are extremely powerful links to boost your search engine rankings.

Can I see some sample pages that you have published on Wikipedia?

Short Answer: No, never. Long answer: Read our non disclosure policy below.

Non Disclosure Policy

Although there is no Wikipedia policy specifically against paid editing, editors and administrators on the World’s 7th most visited website find any reason to delete or vandalize paid edits. There are many reasons why some of them hate paid editing which we will not get into here, but regardless of their reasons it becomes a full time job to protect articles that we have created as expert Wikipedia editors.

Some editors and administrators (presumably with all the time in the world) sink so low as to actually stalk our work, including advertisements, and often send us fake emails in an attempt to get us to disclose previous work.

We will not endanger our client's pages by disclosing them. Period. Would you want us to disclose your page to a potential rogue Wikipedia editor? We hope not.

It gets worse: when we say "rogue editor" we don't mean an editor who might just delete a page because they don't like paid editing or are envious of us. In July of 2015, 381 editors and admins were blocked from editing Wikipedia for their involvement in an extortion racket. The scheme was simple: Pay up or your page will be slandered. But the consequencs for those affected were disastrous. There is no way that we will ever put our customers at such risk.

Our motto is that a happy customer is a repeat customer

We simply won't take up your project unless we're confident of publishing the page. We'd rather miss out on a sale than waste both your time and ours.

Our work is backed by a 30-day moneyback guarantee, and lifetime re-publishing guarantee in the rare event that your page is removed (which has never once happened yet to any of our customers)

We rely on word-of-mouth and repeat business and practice the utmost discretion with all clients.

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